Cypher (miskatonicypher) wrote in arkhamstars,

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The world around you

The Zombie threat is there. You just fail to see it. When you open your eye's and finally see the world around you for what it is you will know why we exist. We are the Miskatonic S.T.A.R.S. unit, dedicated to the destruction of all zombies. If we fail, our world will end, so failure is not an option. There are other's out there like us, who fight along side us in this war. Other enlightened. Will you do what's right, stand up and fight, not only the zombies but the one's who cause the zombies to exist? Will you break your shell of ignorance and come to the light of the hell you live in? Or will you choose to continue to shamble along your pathetic little life from starbucks to starbucks, living your sad little routine life. Waking up every day and moaning and complaining as you follow a bland sad pattern that functions almost as instincts? If you choose to continue to dwell in this ignorance, I see no difference between your shambling and the shambling of the undead.

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