Cypher (miskatonicypher) wrote in arkhamstars,

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There are no Victims

There are no victims. You sit there, reading this. Your alive because we exist. We protect you when you sleep. We protect you from the things you don't believe in. Without us, they would finally get there hands on you and use you for the cattle you are. We protect you, not because we want to, but because someone has to. Because at one time, we were like you, living our lives as normal, enjoying time with families, friends, hobbies, jobs. We were torn from those lives. Now we walk a different path. One set in shadow. Open your eyes and see the infestation is all around you. There getting bigger and there cover-ups are getting sloppier. When the time comes and the hammer falls, I'll be there, and I will purge them all. I will fight and when I fight, there are no victims. You choose to live in ignorance, than you are my enemy. To them you are more abundant and more expendable than a Toyota. They'll use you for what they need and throw you away. When there done with you, your not even dead, your undead, a shambling mound of rotting flesh living off some insane instinct that directs you towards ending my life and the lives of others. There are no woman and children, it's all the same, you move, moan and eat. If you are undead my hand will not make the distinction of race, gender, religion or creed. As long as you take this all for a game and live in your ignorant little world your just another soldier in there army waiting to be recruited so I say again- There are no Victims, only those willing to survive and those who are already dead.
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