miskatonicstars (miskatonicstars) wrote in arkhamstars,

For anyone who cares...

As anyone who can read this journal can see, we have been posting some of our team photos on here, as well as in many other places. (FederalAirsoft.com, wwww.Myskatoniccyper.deviantart.com) These pictures are copywritted to the Miskatonic S.T.A.R.S. group. You may use these pictures with our concent as long as you follow these simple guidelines.

1: They are used to promote the team or sport of airsoft.
2: You credit them to us/Link them to us.
3: You let us know so we can go and look ourselves.

We want airsoft and the team to spread, so we have no problem with people taking them and modifying them, so please do. We just want to be able to see it ourselves.
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