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rough Draft proposals

Military honor code- I will not lie cheat or steal or tolerate anyone who does.

Military bearing- the way you carry youself, it's your overall attitude

knowing to be quiet pay attenting to be where your supposed to be, military bearing it very obvious when you watch a soldier.

Respect your betters- shut up and learn, do as your told and you will do well soldier.

Team solidarity- Never argue amongst the team in front of outsiders, always back your teamates play.
Courses of study

Each course will be given in one week, at the end of that week there will be an oral evaluation.

First course: The Rules, Neasg, Bo's wounded rules, Tolcom site rules, ect.

Second course: Com-sec, communications security, circut discipline, phonetic alphabet

Third Course: Op-sec, operations security, clearance levels, dos and don'ts, penaltys

Fourth Course: Weapons matinance, Spring, gas, AEG, cleaning, Maintence, assemabling, dissasemabling

Fifth Course: General Military Docteran, rank structure, how to march, uniform standards, ect.

Sixth Course: Zombie Survival Guide

Qualifying for Ranks




1) Team History

2) Military Doctrine

3) Weapons knowledge

4) Other


A Few sketchy
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