miskatonicstars (miskatonicstars) wrote in arkhamstars,

A few Notes

Were currently working out certain things to do with our teams, such as many peoples call signs, overall ranks and who gets what as well as a few other things. If you want to give any input, get a hold of me. We'll be putting all of the team and policy stuff up on here within the next 24-72 hours in there completed form. As for posting, go ahead, write up whatever you want, which leads to the IC/OOC. We'd like to keep as much of this IC, or as your airsoft persona as possible. There should be little to no OOC stuff on here aside from what I post. So anything that should be said OOC should be said by me. Anyone else who should be allowed to make OOC posts have the password to this account and can do so. Don't have the password and want to post something OOC? E-mail to me (MiskatonicStars@yahoo.com) and I will decide if it's important enough to put on the board. If it's super urgent, just post it. But if it's stupid, I will take it down the moment I see it. Other than that, write stuff up, go nuts, have fun, that's all this is for, screwing around as our zombie killing alter ego's....

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